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What Size Batting Cage Net Do I Need?

What Size Batting Cage Net Do I Need?

When determining your batting cage net size, the first thing you’ll want to do is consider the space around your net; particularly important for batting cage nets being installed indoors.

Consider the Space Around Your Net

  • Allow up to 5 feet between your net and spectators, or delicate objects like windows.
  • Allow a minimum of 12″ space between your net and hard walls like concrete or wood to reduce ricochet.
  • Stay at least 12″ below your overhead beams.
  • Stay 3′ below lights without guards on them.

If you’re going to have side by side tunnels:

  • Side by side tunnels can be as close as 2-3″ apart, but it’s best to leave an “air pocket” between the nets to prevent ball “push” which could otherwise create a safety risk in the neighboring tunnel.

Once you’ve used those principles to determine how large your batting cage net could be, you can start looking specifically at the height, width, and length of your net.

How to Determine The Height, Width, and Length of Your Batting Cage Net


For tunnel height, 12′ is standard. All of our stock nets are 12′ tall. The minimum height for most adult hitters is 8′ but at that height, most adults won’t be able to pitch full overhand. You’ll also want to leave about 12″ slack on the ground to help gather balls. This means with a 12′ cage, your net will then be 11′ tall.

Taller is better. It helps for better ball tracking and offers less obstruction and ricochet. Taller nets also mean longer life span for your batting cage net due to the increased distance between batter and net.


12′ wide is the minimum width for adults. 14′ is optimal. We offer both 12′ and 14′ wide in our stock batting net cages. Wider cages are better for improved ball flight tracking and extending the life of your net.


The length of the cage depends a lot on what you’re going to be doing with the space.

Pitching Machines

If you’re planning on using a pitching machine, we recommend using a 70′ foot net. This will give your players enough time to react to the pitches safely, and get a feel for live game conditions and timing; all crucial for hitters.

If you’re not planning on using a pitching machine, a 55′ foot net will be sufficient, and will also save on the wear and tear of your coach’s arm.

We offer 55′ and 70′ stock size Batting Cage Nets, ready to ship.

Coach Toss Batting Cage Net

If you’re only using this cage for coach toss, you can size down to 40′ or less.

Tee Work Batting Cage Net

If you’re only going to be hitting off of a T, you can size down to 20′ or less. Keep in mind, that at those shorter batting cage net lengths, you’re not going to be able to track the ball flight as well as in a longer net. Tracking ball-flight is invaluable for instant feedback on your swing. Shorter cages also have shorter life-spans due to increased wear and tear from ball impact.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the space you have around the net and what size your net could be, you can determine if our FlexNets standard batting cage nets will work for you, or if you’ll need a custom size.

Standard Size Batting Cage Nets

Standard size nets are available in 55 and 70 foot lengths, 12 and 14 foot widths, and 12 foot height.

Our standard sizes are more affordable, so we recommend using one whenever you can, but we can custom build a net to any size.

Custom Size Batting Cage Nets

Ok, so you’ve taken your measurements, applied our principles to determine the safest location of your net within that space, and determined that you can’t use one of our standard size nets.

No problem. We can build a net to any size.

There are some basic questions you need to answer before buying your net. This brief Getting Started Guide is designed to help you answer those questions, so that you can match the right batting cage net with your needs and budget. Reading this guide before you buy will save you both time and money.

Most of our customers need a batting cage net for Baseball or Softball, so this guide is specific to those sports.
Here are the questions to ask yourself when getting started.

Question 1. What Kind Of Net Do I Need?
Question 2. What Size Net Do I Need?
Question 3. What Kind of Batting Cage System Do I Need For My Net?
Question 4. How Do I Install My Net?

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