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Used Artificial Turf Options with Practice Sports, Inc.

New artificial turf not in the budget? We know that turfing your facility or field can be extremely expensive, so we made it our priority to have alternative options to fit any budget.

Our used turf options come in two levels: basic and premium. The basic level is generally 10 to 12-year-old sports field turf. This use causes fibers to ‘fibrillate’ (split down the length of the ‘grass blades’) and curl.


Recycled used artificial turf


The premium level is generally 6 to 8-years-old and is lightly used with special features such as a ‘thatch’ or ‘root zone’. Both premium and basic level turf comes in (3) different color variations that affect the price. 

  1. “Logo”: End-zones or midfield panels with color logos, etc. (Cheapest Option)
  2. “Game-Marked”: Mostly-green, with yard line stripes, numbers, hashes, arrows, and possibly other color line material (Middle Option)
  3. “All-Green”: All green with no other color materials (Most Expensive Option)

Our pricing options are clear-cut as we offer free shipping east of the Rockies. If west of the Rockies, we will need to produce a freight quote for you. See table below for pricing: 


PSI Used Artificial Turf Basic: Infill Removed

(3) Variations 

“Logo”: $0.79 per s.f.

“Game-Marked”: $1.11 per s.f. 

“All-Green”: $ 1.25 per s.f. 


PSI Used Artificial Turf Premium: Infill Removed 

(3) Variations 

“Logo”: $1.09 per s.f.

“Game-Marked”: $1.41 per s.f. 

“All-Green”: $1.55 per s.f.


All rolls will come in 15’ W and cannot be customized to a custom width. Length of the rolls can be customized on request, otherwise they are shipped 15’ W x 80’ L. 

We also offer rubber infill if you cannot source locally.


Contact us for a quote on the infill needed or if you have any questions regarding your turf application. 


PS – Your purchase is also good for the environment. Recycling products such as turf reduces waste in our landfills that otherwise would pile up. GO GREEN and support Earth Day with used artificial turf from Practice Sports.

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