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Used Artificial Grass – Is Secondhand Turf Right for You?

Perfect for parks, schools, and sports facilities, used artificial grass is a cost-effective turf solution. Additionally, used turf requires minimal maintenance and is incredibly durable. On the other hand, used artificial grass is, well, used.

So what exactly does that mean?

It’s important to question the safety, durability, and effectiveness of secondhand items. And secondhand grass isn’t any different. In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of installing used artificial grass.

Benefits of Used Artificial Grass

Artificial turf has come a long way since it first gained attention in the 1960s when installed in the Astrodome. Now, venues ranging from football to motor racing, from landscaping to airports all use artificial turf. With decades of research, astroturf has improved greatly in many areas. However, as with anything, there are still some downsides to consider before installation.

  • Non-Toxic: Artificial turf is made without the use of toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizer.
  • Safe: In addition to being non-toxic, turf sets a safe foundation for children, adults, and pets on the move. Unlike natural fields that develop dips and holes over time, artificial grass is always level.
  • Reduce allergens/pollens: There are no allergens or pollen attached due to the turf’s construction.
  • Eco-Friendly: Conserve water and skip the chemicals involved in caring for natural grass by installing artificial turf that looks great year-round.
  • Perfect Height: Save money, time, and energy without the need to mow. Whether your goal is to relax and behold the view or play without losing your feet in an overgrown jungle, used artificial grass is always the perfect height.
  • Durable: Made from reliable materials, used turf easily withstands weather, pets, and children. Of course artificial grass is dig-proof (great for pets and pests alike), fade resistant, and long-lasting.
Used Turf
Used Turf sideview


  • Surface Heat: Artificial turf holds onto heat and therefore will have a higher surface heat than its natural counterpart. According to one study, the surface temperature of natural turf ranged from 66 to 75º F while the artificial turf measured between 76 and 99º F.
  • Injuries: Due to the hardness of the turf, some sprains and injuries are more common on turf vs. grass. For example, Turf Toe is one such sprain that occurs when the toe hyperextends against the ground.
  • Odor Retention: Mop up spills and messes in a timely manner to avoid long-term odor retention.
  • Toxicity Concerns: Lastly, studies address the toxicity of the turf’s water run-off. Because of the rubber infill often used in artificial turf, concerns regarding the safety for people, pets, and the environment arise. At this point, minimal levels of toxic residue have been found. Additionally other options are available for the infill, such as sand.

Contact us with any additional questions regarding used artificial grass, projects, or get started on a custom order today.

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