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Practice Sports, Inc. Installation at University of Nebraska – Haymarket Baseball & Softball Practice Facility

Indoor Baseball & Softball Training Complex Installation

At Practice Sports, we’ve handled every type of indoor sports facility installation. Here’s one of our favorites.

Key Players

University of Nebraska
Sampson Construction
DLR Group

The Opportunity

The Alex Gordon Training Complex was the largest practice facility project in the history of the University of Nebraska Baseball and Softball programs.

Practice Sports was selected as the lead batting cage and sports net designer, supplier, and installer.

The Practice Sports Solution

Our input to the architects (DLR). As a result, the practice facility maximizes space, functionality and safety. We also specified the proper materials.

Our project manager visited the job-site to consult with Sampson Construction. The visit proved crucial, because our advice helped position major components such as duct-boxes and socks, and steel beams for terminal points.

The Brief

  • Installed over 10,000 square feet of custom ceiling and wall perimeter netting
  • 6 custom collapsible / sliding batting cage tunnels
  • Over 10,000 feet of steel cable with 75+ tie-offs, with custom bottom cable vinyl finish wrap
  • Over 5,000 square feet of custom-fit wall padding
    • Columns
    • Wall fixtures
    • Cut-outs around doors
    • Sliding garage doors
  • Sliding vinyl curtains were installed for easy access into storage areas
  • Outdoor safety nets installed on a custom welded track system
  • Provided protection to exterior garage doors from long home-runs at adjoining fields
10,000 Square Feet of Custom Netting
Custom Cable Vinyl Wrap
5,000 Sq Feet of Custom-Fit Wall Padding

The Timeline

One project manager and four installers completed the job within 7 days. We worked around the clock to complete the project in less than 1/2 of the allocated time.

Technical Details on this Indoor Sports Facility Installation

  • #60 Gauge Black Nylon Netting for Batting Cages / #36 Gauge Black Nylon Netting for perimeter / ceiling netting
  • 1/4″ Steel Cable with roller wheels
  • Custom termination brackets and wall anchor plates
  • Custom ceiling / wall netting
    • Conforms to duct box and viewing window
  • CurtainCage Batting Cage Suspension Systems with LineLift Kits
  • Custom 18-22 oz Vinyl covered wall padding with 3″-4″ foam

Project Challenges

Pre-installed ductwork near home plate meant we had to design and fabricate netting on-site.

Batting cages were requested to be expanded on-site. As a result, custom fabrication was performed.

Project Successes

The university was extremely impressed with the completed product.

For instance, the ceiling net is amongst the cleanest and most professional in the country. From certain angles, the ceiling net is nearly invisible to the eye. This results in an “open-air” environment, which gives batting practice a game-simulation feel.

The wall and column pads are clean and custom fit, with virtually no wrinkles.

The batting cage systems operate smoothly, and as a result collapse quickly. Our custom tie-off anchors were crucial because they provide a low-profile appearance and minimal footprint.

Custom anchor lanyards were installed on the ends of the batting cages and are vital to the practice experience. For example, the lanyards prevent “cage creep” and ensure the nets do not extend onto the field.

In Their Words

“We have been extremely impressed with our overall experience with Practice Sports. The netting has proven to be durable, the customer service outstanding, and the overall usability of the cages has been top-notch. We have been very happy with how our new indoor facility has turned out, and a big part of that is because of Practice Sports and their dedication to a quality product.”

Will Bolt
Head Baseball Coach
University of Nebraska Athletics


We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of a indoor sports facility installation. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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