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Track & Trolley Kits to Hang Netting

Our track & trolley systems are the most durable method to use hanging a batting cage net or gym divider curtain. They can be customized to fit any building and are ideal in both commercial and private facilities.

Since the track and trolley hangs from the ceiling, there’s no need to anchor hardware into the walls which can be difficult depending on what types of walls are constructed and the durability of the anchor points. Also there’s no tension created with the track system wihch makes the installation easier. With a cable system the cable lines are put under tension in order to keep the cables as horizontal as possible. The track & trolley is simply an enclosed track with roller wheels on the inside. This ideal for a number of reasons.

The ability to slide the net in the track is much smoother since there is considerably less friction on the moving parts. A cable system that uses snap-hooks connected to the cable line will eventually have grooves form in them which will make sliding the net much more difficult. Both nylon and steel roller wheels are available. The nylon wheels will have to be replaced after a set amount of time while the steel will last for a considerably longer period.

A cable line system isn’t completely stable unless it’s put under a tremendous amount of pressure with the use of turnbuckles. The track is completely stationary since it’s anchored directly to the ceiling. You can also raise the position of the track to a higher location than a cable system. Dropped cable lines can be used to connect the pulleys to the net if the net has to sit at a lower height than the track.

The tracks can be fit to almost any type of ceiling, whether it’s flat with bar joists or even a peaked ceiling. There are different brackets available to hold the track and connect to the ceiling or a point off the ceiling. Below are the different types of brackets available. Any of our sales associates can assist you to find the best bracket for your location.

Chain or Beam Mount can be used to connect directly to the side of a beam.
Ceiling Mount can connect directly to a flat point in the ceiling or the bottom of a wide flat joist.
Threaded Rod Mount can use a threaded rod welded into the bracket and connected to the ceiling to allow the track to hang at a point lower than the ceiling.
Beam or Truss Mount can connect the the bottom of a beam or truss using the clamp.
Threaded Rod Mount can use a threaded rod welded into the bracket and connected to the ceiling to allow the track to hang at a point lower than the ceiling.

The tracks are available in either 6′ or 8′ sections and are connected with splice connectors. The pulleys are spaced every foot so there will be virtually no sag reflected on the net. End stops are used on the end of the tracks to keep the pulleys in the track. The tracks have much less hardware than a cable system does.

Although the track and trolley system is more expensive than a cable system, it is a superior choice for commercial facilities and schools. The ceiling connection versatility of the system and the straight-forward design allows the installation be much easier.

  1. Laurie Schooley
    Laurie Schooley
    February 2, 2023 at 8:16 am

    Can you send samples of track and ceiling and truss mounts?

    • cory
      February 2, 2023 at 10:21 am

      Hi Laurie,
      Unfortunately, we don’t have sample sections of the track & trolley.


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