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Digital or Screen Printed Logos? (for Windscreens & Padding)

Team logos can be seen everywhere in the sports world, especially on custom windscreen and wall padding logos. A team logo or name becomes a focal point for fans. Logos boost team pride and, as a result, team sponsorships.

For the casual fan, a logo is a logo. For the sports facility owner, high quality logos on windscreens and wall padding are essential. That means they are expensive to replace.

Most people do not consider the difference between logo printing techniques. The goal of this article is to educate the untrained shopper. That means you make a better decision for your budget and application.

Digitally Printed vs Screen-Printed & Painted Logos for Custom Windscreens & Wall Padding

Digital logos are the most common form of logo printing in the sports world.


Because they’re the most economical option available. The mesh is fed through a machine which embosses the colors onto the windscreen, similar to your home printer.

Like your home printer, though, this print won’t last long.

Keep reading to find out more…

There are 4 types of custom windscreen and wall padding logo printing, listed in order of quality from low to high.

A) Digital Logos

Printed on the front – WHITE material on the back. (Example application – Baseball Field Windscreens)

This method is offered by shops with larger digital printers. Larger printers means they can accommodate large rolls of windscreen material to be “fed” through the machine, printing on the front of the screen.


  • Least expensive option
  • Looks good on the windscreen face


  • White backing
  • Colors fade

B) Digitally printed + SEWN – colored material logos

This service is offered by shops with smaller digital printing machines. This method requires the logos and letters ONLY to be printed on. The printed logo or letters are then applied to a larger panel of windscreen material. That material is then stitched on to the face of the windscreen.

This results in an effective and less expensive alternative, which still looks good from a distance.


  • Economical
  • Mesh or vinyl is colored on front & back


  • Raised letters and logos. May be noticeable at close range
  • Not as professional appearance as smooth surface

C) 100% digitally machine printed logos & material

Depending on the environment, digital prints can chip, flake, or fade within two years.


  • Economical
  • Mesh is colored on front & back
  • Logos are embossed onto mesh or vinyl, creating a smooth surface


  • Not as durable as screen-print or chromabond paint

D) ChromaBond Painting (i.e. High-End Screen-Printing)

(Example application: Tennis Court Windscreens)

ChromaBond Painted Logo


  • Extremely durable
  • Hand-painted
  • Paint fuses to material
  • Logos outlast life of material itself
  • Mesh or vinyl is colored on front & back
  • Smooth surface
  • Most professional / brightest logo appearance
  • Never fade / chip / flake


  • Most expensive option

More info about ChromaBond Painted Logos from the manufacturer:

With Chroma-Bond® Imprinting, the back of the windscreens will be the same color as the front. This differs from a digital print where the back of the windscreen will be white since most machines can only print to white mesh.

ChromaBond Painted Logo

Chroma-Bond® Imprinted Logos almost always exceed the life of the material because the paint we use during the hand-painted process actually becomes part of the material itself.

These sharp multi-color images will outlast other processes. That helps to eliminate the problems of digital printing, like weathering, premature fading, scuffing, and unsightly white mesh backside color.

Images last outdoors as long as the fabric will, something not true with digital printing.

Skilled craftspeople use state-of-the art graphics technology to produce custom imprints that are resistant to scuffing, sunlight, and weathering. This results in a highly spike, cleat, and racquet resistant product.

The image is bonded into the vinyl using this process.  This completely masks the underlying fabric color, so image colors are vivid and true.

In conclusion, for most users, digital logos are the perfect solution. Digital logs look great for a season or two, and are easy on the budget, that will last for a couple seasons or maybe more depending on the environment.

ChromaBond is the ideal product for top quality windscreen and wall padding logos.

We are distributors for all of the products and processes outlined for custom windscreen and wall padding logos. Simply contact us with your logo or lettering and we will provide a quote. Or review our custom windscreen calculator for instant pricing.

Other examples of digital & painted logos — you be the judge!

ChromaBond Painted
ChromaBond Painted
Digital Sewn-On Logo
  1. Ryan Quinley
    Ryan Quinley
    July 26, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    Looking for 50ft length about 80% blockage, 6ft tall, black vinyl mesh, with 4ft tall logo in white, 5 logos total (1 every 10ft section)

    • cory
      July 28, 2020 at 11:23 am

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for contacting us. Please send the logo you’d like printed and I can get pricing. It looks like you sent in a request for Tuffy WindScreen so once we get the logo I can send over a quote.


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