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The Custom Windscreen FAQ

We’ve been getting a lot of interest in our custom windscreens and so we wanted to take a little bit of time to address our most common windscreen questions in one convenient blog post.

What sizes of windscreens are available?

We can build windscreens to virtually any size. Our Custom Windscreen Calculator is the easiest way on the internet to purchase custom windscreens. Simply enter your dimensions and receive an instant quote in a variety of materials.

Are there standard windscreen sizes?

There are standard windscreen heights available. Sometimes selecting a standard height can make your custom windscreen less expensive than a custom height. The easiest way to determine pricing is to simply enter your dimensions into our Custom Windscreen Calculator and compare pricing.

How large should I order my panels?


You can build your custom windscreen to any size, however building it to a standard height can sometimes be less expensive than custom heights. Standard heights include 3’8″, 5’8″, 6′, 7’8″, & 9′. So, for example, if you needed a 4’ tall windscreen, a 3’ 8” will more often than not get the job done and be less expensive.


Of course, we can build a custom windscreen to any length, but if you need a long windscreen, say 100 ft or more, you may consider breaking that up into multiple, smaller windscreens. Smaller windscreens can not only be easier to install, but if your windscreen gets damaged, it can be easier, and less expensive, to replace a smaller section of windscreen rather than the entire length.

Can I get my windscreen in any color?

We have a wide variety of windscreen materials available in a wide selection of colors. The available colors will depend on the type of material you select. Some materials have more color options than others.

What is the best material for my windscreen?

We offer a variety of materials, each with their own set of features and limitations including color, build time, durability, warranty, and opacity. Depending on your project needs and budget, the Custom Windscreen Calculator makes it easy to compare materials and features at a glance.

What does opacity mean?

Opacity refers to how much light the windscreen blocks. The higher the number, the less light the windscreen allows through.

How much is it to add a logo or the name of my school, mascot, or organization?

The cost of a custom logo or letters depends on a variety of factors including, though not limited to, the type of windscreen material and the complexity of the logo. You can email your logo to info@practicesports and we can typically get you a quote within 1 business day.

What are lacing lips?

Lacing lips are a hemmed row of reinforced fabric and grommets that provide additional attachment points for your windscreen to help prevent damage.

Where are lacing lips placed?

Lacing lips are placed on the center line and run the length of the windscreen.

Does my windscreen need a lacing lip?

We include lacing lips standard on all windscreens over 6 ft high, however, if windscreen is being used in a windy area, you may want to add a lacing lip to help increase the life span of your windscreen.

Keep sending us your questions, and we’ll keep answering them.

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