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Outdoor Netting Enclosure without Roof

I’m building a perimeter net to help contain balls at a elemenatary school. The area measures about 200’L x 90’W and the nets need to be around 12’H. We just need the side walls without a netted roof.  Is that something you guys can help with?

Hi Jeanette,
Thanks for contacting us about the outdoor netting enclosure. We can certainly help you with this setup. With the dimensions you provided, you’ll want to set the poles about 25′ apart on the 200′ side and 30′ apart on the 90’side. This will mean you’ll have a total of 22 poles around the perimeter. The size of our standard poles are 20’H and 6-5/8″ in diameter. We’ll run cables between the 25′ & 30′ spaced poles to provide support. The poles will also need to be anchored in concrete. The brackets that connect the cables to the poles will have an open top so they don’t have to attach directly to the top of the pole.  You’ll be able to move them up and down to place them exactly where you need them. Please let me know if you’d like a quote sent over.


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