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Our Favorite Sports Turf

At Practice Sports we know how difficult it can be to find the right equipment to outfit your sports facility.

Turf is no exception.

We’ve already got the Turf Finder, the easiest way to find turf on the internet, but we’d like to take a moment and make things even easier for facility administrators.

Here are our favorite four turf options for sports facilities.

Triple Crown Turf with Foam Pad

This 36 ounce Nylon turf might just be our favorite new turf option for sports facilities. The 36 ounce face is thick enough to feel great underfoot, and the nylon material is durable enough to stand up to spikes, making it a great option for facilities indoors or out. It’s by far our most popular in the new turf category, especially with a pad. We get a lot of questions about whether or not a pad is necessary, and we almost always recommend having a turf with pad. As soon as you take one step on turf you can tell if it has a pad underneath it. A pad is an absolute necessity if your players are going to be doing any sort of running or agility training, but we also recommend it for outdoor cages as well because baseballs and softballs don’t have the crazy ricochets off the ground.

Grand Slam Deluxe

We love The Grand Slam Deluxe because it is the same material that a lot of the pitching mound manufacturers use it for their mounds. What does that mean? It means that not only is it a durable, long lasting material (that’s the nylon again) but the 48 ounce face feels great underfoot. Again, we think a pad is a must for almost any turf application, but especially if you’d like to host multiple sports at your facility, to create more avenues for revenue.

SportScape 4

We love the SportScape 4 because its less expensive than the grand slam deluxe, but provides the natural feel of turf products that require an infill, without the infill. The unique blend of poly and nylon thatches of different lengths means there’s no mess from rubber pellets. If you’re looking for the most natural feeling option, without an infill, we recommend SportScape 4.

Used Turf

For facilities on a tight budget, there might be no better option than a few rolls of used turf. But you should always ask a lot of questions before you buy. Used turf is usually sourced from outdoor fields, so depending on the extraction method used, the infill may or may not be in there. If the infill has been removed, the turf won’t be quite as heavy, so it should save you some shipping costs, but that means you’ll be responsible for sourcing and installing the rubber infill yourself. Also be aware that it is not uncommon for used turf to have lines and logos. The turf may also have forklift cuts, which can appear unsightly when on the turf is delivered on the freight truck, but which can usually be repaired with seaming tape.

We hope this quick guide at sports turf options helps make it easier for you to select the right turf for your players and your facility.

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