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Our Favorite Artificial Turf Products of 2021

Our Favorite Artificial Turf Products of 2021

At Practice Sports, we love talking turf, so here’s our favorite artificial turf products of 2021.

These are the turfs we recommend to our customers time and time again, so not only are they our favorites, but they end up being our most popular turf choices as well.

Our Favorite Budget Turf

Everyone is on a budget, which we totally respect. That’s why we offer Used Turf. It’s our most affordable turf option.

The most popular use for our used turf is for batting cages. A roll of used turf is perfect for laying down under your batting cage.

Not only does the turf protect your floors or the ground, it gives your cage a game-worn look that our customers love.

We have a couple of different used turf options, but our favorite is the Used Turf Premium. (Pro tip: We are almost always out of the all – green.  Our favorite of the premium turf is the game –  marked. The logo option is the least expensive, but you can expect a lot of in – laid letters that can lead to some seaming difficulties.)

It’s also important to remember that used turf is sold as – is. No refunds or exchanges.

Our Favorite All –  Around Turf

Next up is our favorite all-around turf. The 36 oz Nylon with Foam pad is a great option for every use from sports facilities, to batting cages, to agility training in a home gym.

Spike – Resistant

Nylon is considered a spike – resistant material which is great news for baseball players, and the 36 oz face feels great underfoot.

If you’re looking for a beefier option, our runner-up in this category is the more expensive 45 oz Nylon with Foam Pad. We love this product too, because it’s the same material portable mound builders use to wrap their mounds.

Foam Pad

The other feature we love about the 36 oz Nylon with Foam Pad is…the foam pad.

Your feet can immediately tell the difference between padded and unpadded turf. And I mean, immediately.

If you’re laying down turf on a garage floor for your garage batting cage, and you don’t lay down a padded turf, you might as well not lay down anything at all.

The padded turf will help prevent baseballs and softballs from bouncing wildly off the concrete floors.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to take more swings, because your legs aren’t wearing out from standing on hard concrete.

Our Favorite ‘Natural’ Artificial Turf

I know, I know. ‘Natural’ artificial turf? What’s natural about artificial turf?

In a word, nothing.

However, the SportScape IV feels great underfoot, and has the most natural bounce and feel, without needing an infill.

SportScape IV features a blend of two different styles of artificial blades. The longer poly blades are straight and the 58 oz face is thick enough to almost feel like real grass. That feeling is exaggerated with the smaller and curlier tan nylon blades under the outer face.

The combination of blade types and colors also give the turf a ‘natural’ appearance. You won’t be fooling anyone that this turf is actually a freshly mown lawn, but we think that it is the most charismatic of the sports turf options.

And not needing an infill?

That is  a huge bonus. Infills are messy. The rubber pellets get every and in everything. You’ll be sweeping them back in to the field, and players will be dumping them out of their shoes after practice and games.

Not to mention the added expense of having to add more pellets in periodically, and also continually raking the turf to keep the pellets that are in there at an even level.

No thanks. We’ll stick to the SportScape IV.

Artificial Turf
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