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Fully Operational and Ready To Help You

Fully Operational. Ready to Help You.

Please be assured that Practice Sports is fully operational, and ready to help you, while also following our government guidelines.

We’re available to help you stay physically and mentally healthy, during these challenging times.

We’ve done our best to prepare some “Practice From Home” packages, to help you get through this.

  • Hitter’s Kit
  • Backyard Batting Cage
  • Basement Batting Cage
  • Custom Netting – DIY Cages
  • Indoor Flooring – Build a Home Gym
  • Shipping / Timelines

    All items are shipped direct from the United States, and our shops are taking extra efforts to disinfect employees and products.

    Timelines on certain items may be extended – but thanks to our multiple factories around the country, we’re able to stay fully operational and ready to help everyone that depends on sports for an essential means to exercise, health, and distraction.

    Just Contact Us to receive a more specific timeline, or for guidance on products.

    The Bright Side

    If there is a silver lining from the current challenges it’s the reminder that as humans, we’re all on the same team.

    Millions of sports fans and athletes worldwide, are all forced to find another way to move forward.

    As the saying goes, Fire Forges Steel.

    We can either use this time to catch-up on everything on Netflix, or to catch-up with the competition.

    Finding opportunity within challenges will ALWAYS be the difference between the extremely successful, and the others.

    Can’t practice at your local complex? Find a new way to train at home, and fill in the weak spots in your game.

    • Set goals.
    • Chart your reps.
    • Meditate on your future success.
    • Execute on that vision.
    • Develop a new level of mental toughness.
    • Plan your day / week / month.
    • Execute on that plan.
    • Hold yourself accountable.

    “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin / John Wooden / Everyone in the Hall of Fame

    Our Future

    We’ve outfitted the country with premium equipment for nearly 20 years, and will still be here to serve our amazing customers for another 20 and beyond.


    THANK YOU for being there for us over the years, and for supporting a small business.

    Let us know how we can help you continue to push forward, from wherever you might be.

    And most importantly, please take care of yourself, and others.



    Your Practice Sports Team

    Chad, Cory, Tony, Joe, Mickey & Jake

    14706 Giles Rd.

    Omaha, NE 68138


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