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Earn a $500 Gift Card

You can earn a $500 gift card to Practice Sports.

A Brief Introduction

One of our ongoing projects at Practice Sports is to reduce the friction for our customers from browsing our items, to checkout, and all the way to installation, we want to create the easiest customer experience in the industry.

We know that installing an indoor or outdoor batting cage can seem intimidating, but we’re here to help.

In fact we’re always trying to new ways to help our customers become Batting Cage Install Experts.

Whether it’s creating infographics, installation guides, implementing LiveChat, or being here for phone support, we’re here to help.

With that in mind we’re looking to create three instructional installation videos.

One installation video for for each of our outdoor batting cages.

That’s where you come in!

If you’ve recently purchased a Varsity, Collegiate, or Pro model nCage Outdoor Batting Cage, you can help and earn a $500 gift card to Practice Sports.

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Watch the Example Video

We’re looking for a similar instructional video to the ones we created below.

Shoot Your Footage

During the installation, you’ll want to take video of each step of the process. The installers in the above video did a great job of capturing each step in the process. Be thorough.

Pro Tip: Shoot your video in landscape mode so that we can make use of the entire frame!

Send Us the Videos

Once you’ve captured your footage, you can email me directly at for instructions on how to send it to us.

We’ll Review Your Videos

Once we receive your footage,  we will review it and, if we use your videos to create an instructional video, and post it on YouTube, we’ll send you a $500 Practice Sports gift card.

All videos become the property of Practice Sports.

It’s that easy!

Got Questions?

No problem. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Get Started

We can’t wait to see your videos. Start shooting now!

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