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What to Consider When Buying Custom Volleyball Nets

Custom Volleyball Nets

Custom volleyball nets can be built to any size. They are primarily used for containment purposes, like in backyard courts, or gyms.

Volleyball nets are lighter weight than nets used for other sports. This is because the mesh size is larger. Standard volleyball netting has a mesh size of 4 inches.

4 in Mesh Size

3 Factors to Consider When Buying Your Custom Volleyball net

Net Size

There are three things to consider when purchasing a custom volleyball net. The size of the net, the material the net is made of, and how thick the twine is. Twine thickness is the ‘gauge’ of the net.

When determining the dimensions of your custom volleyball net,  add a couple of inches to the height and length of your net. This extra netting will help ensure that you don’t install your net “trampoline tight.” Nets installed trampoline tight, have increased tension on them. This results in a greatly reduced net lifespan.

Custom Volleyball Net Material

There are two material types available for custom volleyball nets; Poly and Nylon.

Poly is less expensive than Nylon, but it’s also less durable. However, Poly is an inherently weather resistant material. That means it doesn’t require any additional treatments to help weatherproof it.

The second material option, Nylon, is more expensive than Poly. However, Nylon is more durable. This results in a longer lifespan than Poly. Nylon by itself, however, is not a weather resistant material. If you’re planning on using your custom volleyball net outdoors, always make sure to add a weatherproofing material like NetSeal. NetSeal is a latex dip that keeps moisture out of the net.

To help extend the life of your custom volleyball net, be sure to store it indoors during the off-season.

Net Gauge

Another aspect of the netting material, is the gauge, or how thick the twine of the net is. Volleyball nets are available in 18 and 36 gauge.

Remember: the higher the number, the thicker the gauge, the longer the lifespan of your net.

Volleyball containment nets typically don’t receive a high amount of direct or repetitive impact.

The main job of volleyball barrier netting is to knock down the occasional stray ball, and keep it contained inside the facility.

As a result, #18 mesh is often adequate for the majority of applications. Heavy duty #36 mesh is also available for harsh environments, where wind, sun and moisture are big factors.

#36 nylon is well-suited for clients looking for netting that will last 10-20 years. The thicker twine will take longer to deteriorate. Some of our clients also prefer the more professional look of #36 over #18, due to the more formidable appearance.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line, or let us know in the comments section. We are here to help!

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