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Batting Cage Nets – Insider’s Review

Here at Practice Sports (formerly, we have sold netting for several manufacturers for over 19 years. We are one of the highest volume batting cage net distributors in the country, with thousands of nets sold since 2001.

This has given us an insider’s perspective on the pros & cons of different netting types.

Take a look at the summary below to help gain some insight on various net manufacturers from around the country.

When you’re ready for a quote, just send us your specs and we’ll provide the best possible pricing. Our prices are typically lower than the factories because of our lower overhead.

**The netting brands below are listed in alphabetical order, and is not a representation of quality or score.**

A Review of 5 Netting Suppliers (Alphabetical Order)

Burbank Sport Nets – Florida

Burbank has been in the netting business since the early 1900’s. This is a multi-generational company, with a deep history in the netting industry. They offer a very high quality netting material, which is used by many teams in Major League Baseball. They install backstop nets around the country at MLB parks, and also custom build netting. Their pricing is on the high end of the spectrum, but if you’re looking for high quality they are an excellent option.

We are authorized dealers for Burbank – let us know if you prefer their netting and we can offer you lower pricing than purchasing direct from the factory.

Carron Nets – Wisconsin

Carron Nets is another long-time player in the netting industry. They have an excellent reputation for offering every type of netting under the sun, and can customize a huge variety of features into any type of netting. Their lead-times can be a little longer than most factories, and their prices tend to be on the high side, but they offer a great product with more options than most any other factory. They also offer a great warranty.

We are authorized dealers for Carron Net – let us know if you prefer their netting and we can offer you lower pricing than purchasing direct from the factory.

Cimarron Sports – Oklahoma

Cimarron Sports is a wholesaler, importing most of their products from China. They offer a good variety of baseball equipment such as batting cages for a very affordable price. The quality tends to be on the lower side, but their prices can’t be beat. They only sell through authorized dealers such as, so you will find all of their products on our site.

FlexNets – Nebraska

Flexnets / Flexcages / Flexmesh is the proprietary brand for Practice Sports, Inc., the parent company for Flexnets have become one of the most popular netting options in the business over the past several years, due to the impressive extra features & free shipping.

They are imported from China, but are a higher quality material than many of the other imports in the industry. They use a higher grams per denier (density of fibers) at 7.8, which means the fibers are heavier than typical netting and therefore will have a longer life-span. These nets have very few returns, and many coaches have told us they are the best value batting cage around.

Flexnets are used by MLB teams & major universities such as the Twins, University of Nebraska, University of Memphis, Navy, Army, Virginia Tech, Baylor and hundreds of high-schools. You can find all of the FlexNet in-stock batting cage net options on

Jugs Sports – Oregon

Jugs is the pioneer of pitching machines in the baseball world.

Just about everyone has used a 2-wheel jugs machine in their playing career, and they have become known as one of the most durable machines on the market.

Jugs also sells batting cage nets which are imported from overseas. The quality of their netting is mid-grade, and they fall more on the “value netting” side of the spectrum.

While Jugs is a high quality company, for the integrity of this review we need to disclose we have had several coaches call to replace their Jugs netting with another brand due to early deterioration. We don’t know the exact cause for this, but suspect the cause could be related to their green netting color which is not as UV resistant as black; or the blended twine opposed to 100% Nylon with a seal.

Either way Jugs offers great products and above average value netting, and hundreds of customers nationwide use their batting cage nets.

We are authorized dealers for Jugs – let us know if you prefer their netting and we can offer you lower pricing than purchasing direct from the factory.

Why buy from Practice Sports, Inc. (formerly

Our team at PSI can help you shop more efficiently.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we will make your netting experience better:

1) Our Experience = Your Efficiency

We make batting cage shopping experiences more cost & time efficient.

With all the options in the marketplace, our staff can help you sort and identify not only the best netting brand for your application, but also which features are essential and which are overrated and not worth the extra money.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers receive the best quality netting for their budget. Since we work with several factories, we operate impartially with the primary goal of outfitting our customers with netting that will last as long as needed for their application, and help prevent over or under-buying.

2) Price.

Since we purchase thousands of lbs of netting per year, we have high buying power and can get your prices lower, compared to buying direct from the factory. If you have a particular brand in mind, just let us know and we’ll try to get your price down.

We also offer package discounts, and volume pricing. We can outfit you with a complete batting cage package, including screens, turf, machines & more.

We take care of our repeat customers, and even offer 10% in rewards points mailed to you in gift card form. This is un-matched in the industry.

3) Speed.

We have a fast-track at the factory. Buying individual nets from a large factory can often take several weeks to complete. Buying through PSI can expedite this process.

Just remember not all netting is created equal, and not all netting from all factories is the best fit for every use. We have worked with netting for over 13 years, and can quickly help you find the best net for the best overall value for your needs. We know all of the tips & red flags to look out for when shopping for tunnels, and will be your advocate to ensure you get the best possible price, shipped as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading our batting cage net review!

What’s next?

If you’re ready to shop you can find sizes & prices for dozens of in-stock batting cage nets, or custom nets.

Or feel free to drop us a line to get the ball rolling.

  1. Stu Walters
    Stu Walters
    January 19, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    can I please get a quote for netting for a batting cage 70 x 12 x 14? Thank you. Stu Walters, Soquel High School.

    • cory
      January 19, 2021 at 5:22 pm

      Hi Stu,
      Thanks for contacting us. I just emailed the quote. The current lead time to fabricate netting is around 12-13 business days. Depending on the state this is shipping, there may be sales tax.


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