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Baseball Mound to Plate Distances for Each League

Pitching Mound in Bullpen (source: Wikipedia)

With the various leagues & associations throughout the country, it can be difficult to keep track of the various regulation distances between baseball pitching mound/rubber to home-plate.

We’ve compiled this guide to help batting cage academies better prepare their facility for local teams.

Official Major League “Mound to Plate” Dimensions

(Applies to International Baseball, Minor Leagues, Independent Leagues, College, High School, Babe Ruth, Big/Senior League, and most all other levels ages 14 and up.)

  • 60 feet, 6 inches.
Typical MLB Baseball Field Dimensions (source: Wikipedia)

Little League “Mound to Plate” Dimensions

(Ages 13 and under; these also apply to Cal Ripken Majors and Dixie Youth Baseball).

  • 46 feet.

PONY “Mound to Plate” Dimensions

PONY is a worldwide youth baseball organization with specific requirements for their seven age divisions:

Colt/Palomino Field Dimensions (ages 15-19)

  • 60 feet, 6 inches.

Pony Field Dimensions (ages 13-14)

  • 54 feet.

Bronco Field Dimensions (ages 11-12)

  • 48 feet.

Mustang Field Dimensions (ages 9-10)

  • 44 feet.

Pinto Field Dimensions (ages 7-8)

  • 38 feet.

Shetland Field Dimensions (ages 4-6)

  • N/A (coaches pitch or batting tee

As you can see, there are a wide variety of official baseball pitcher’s mound rubber to home-plate specifications across the country.

Home-Plate (Source: Wikipedia)

Why is this important?

In the batting cage world, players are looking for the best environment to simulate live game conditions. If you operate a batting cage rental business, it’s important to accommodate the players in your area with proper cage sizes, allowing for live game pitching practice & hitting. Hitters that practice in shorter cages can lose their timing, so it’s key to always ‘practice like you play’.

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