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Indoor Ceiling Barrier Netting – How to Order / Measure

Ordering the correct size netting panel for proper coverage can be tricky. It’s critical to measure correctly, and consider any angles that may require extra netting. Yes it’s time to brush off that dusty book of knowledge from high-school geometry you thought you would never use in real life!Remember the Pythagorean Theorem? Of course you do!

Ok here we go, keep your heads up class:

Measuring for a ceiling pitch

When ordering a panel of barrier net to be hung parallel to a pitched ceiling, one of the first questions you might ask is how the heck do I figure out the correct length for the pitched side? If the span is relatively short simply get up on a ladder and measure it – however for longer spans there is a better way.

To avoid using a bunch of mathematical terms like hypotenuse and euclidean geometry refer to the letter coded diagram to the right. We need to find the length of the barrier netting represented by the letter c on the diagram, to do so we simply need to know the lengths of a and b.

a² + b² = c²

To find a take the length of the highest point (typically the peak of your ceiling) the net will be hung (x) and subtract the length of the lowest point (typically where your side wall meets the ceiling – the ‘Eave’) (y) – b is simply the distance between x and y. Now all you have to do is a little math and you’ll have the length of your barrier net, c.

For example, say the highest point your barrier netting will be hung is 20′ (x) and the lowest point is 12′ (y) – your a value is x – y i.e. 20′ – 12′ = 8′. You’ll know your b value by measuring the distance between the x and y – in this example let’s say the distance is 15′.

So if we know that a² + b² = c² then we know that 8² + 15² = c² in other words (8×8) + (15×15) = c² or 64 +225 = c² or 289 = c² – so to get c you just take the square root of 289 which is 17. In this example the length of your barrier net is 17′.

Tip: For extreme barrier net sizes consider adding 6-12″ of extra size, which will make installation easier. For applications requiring an extremely taut appearance, order your netting exact or slightly shorter – just be prepared to use extension links to connect to your wall if it doesn’t reach!

To receive an instant quote or to start building your barrier net visit our custom net calculator.

That’s all there is to it! Now your facility will have better netting coverage and less broken lights. Play ball!

  1. Linda S. Cobb
    Linda S. Cobb
    May 4, 2020 at 11:20 am

    I am making preliminary inquiries regarding the purchase of ceiling netting.
    With the recent remodeling of our gymnasium (approx. 100’X65′), our drop ceiling was replaced with, well, nothing. So now, with overhead piping and air conditioning ducts, we find ourselves at a loss of equipment which students are very adept at lodging above said piping and duct work.
    We are interested in your product with Velcro closures so we can easily service the overhead lighting fixtures while keeping our equipment where it belongs. We are not sure our ceiling is pitched.
    Photos will be available soon. At this point, we are looking for simple estimates based on the size of the facility.
    Thank you for your assistance!

    • chad
      May 5, 2020 at 4:47 pm

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for reaching out about our custom netting for your gym.

      Using our netting calculator, covering an area of 100′ x 65′ using our #36 Nylon baseball mesh, this would run you about $2,572.

      You would need additional “rib lines” for support points. The velcro, hardware & installation would also be additional, and could be estimated upon review of more details such as pictures.

      Please share your pictures when available for a final proposal.

      Thanks again!

      Chad Schneider Operations Director
      Practice Sports, Inc. | 14706 Giles Rd. Omaha, NE 68138
      800.877.6787 x805 | 402.592.2000 | Fax: |

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