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Barrier Net Installation Tips for Basketball Courts and Multisport Courts

A lot of our customers use netting to enclose an outdoor basketball court. We call this type of netting barrier netting. You can receive an instant quote on a baseball or golf barrier net using our Custom Net Calculator. Of if you’d like to enclose the area with a larger mesh size, like basketball or soccer nets simply email us at, and we’ll get back to you with pricing.

We also get a lot of questions regarding barrier net installation, so we put together a little FAQ to help make enclosing your outdoor sports area with custom nets a little easier.

What diameter poles should I use?

We’d recommend as an absolute minimum 1-7/8” pole diameter.

How do I attach the net to the poles?

We typically recommend attaching the net to a cable line to help provide support to the net. The cable line is attached to the poles.

Do I need a cable line for the top and the bottom of the net?

Additional cable lines are always a good idea to help provide support to the net.

Can you provide the cable line?

Sure we can. We also feature a wide variety of barrier net installation hardware that will make installing your net easier.

How are the cables attached?

Typically the cable lines are attached to an eyebolt on the pole.

Do I need turnbuckles?

That depends on how many poles you are installing, and the distance between them. If you have plenty of support poles you probably don’t need the turnbuckles. But if you only have one pole on each end, having a turnbuckle will help take the tension out of the line. But, you may want to consider wider diameter poles to help cut down on the lean of the poles that the tension from the turnbuckles cause.

Is there a way to tighten the netting to take out any sagging?

Turnbuckles is one method. Having more poles and having the cable line pass through eyebolts is another way.

Do I need additional rib lines?

You can add rib lines vertically or horizontally to to the net to provide additional support. If you’re running multiple cable lines along the length of the net, you’ll want an additional rib line for every cable line to provide attachment points. Always attach your net to the cable line at the rib lines, never the mesh itself.

Should the netting be UV treated?

Yes. And if you’re ordering nylon, be sure to add the latex dip to help provide water protection.

Do I need turnbuckles?

Not necessarily. Multiple poles can also help prevent the cable line and net from sagging.

How do I attach the net to the cable line?

We like to use snap hooks to attach the net to the cable line.

The net I need seems really long, should I order smaller nets at the same height instead of one long net?

Using smaller panels can make installation easier, and if you do get a hole somewhere down the line, you can just replace the panel as opposed to replacing the whole net. However, having more panels means needing more poles to create attachment points for the nets.

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