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A Quick Primer on Used Turf from Ordering to Installation

Since we first started offering used turf to our customers, we’ve been committed to finding the highest quality used turf on the market and helping our customers install that turf to help ensure the best performance.

Here are a few important aspects to purchasing used turf that you should know.

Used Turf May Have Lines & Logos

Used turf is generally sourced from football, soccer and baseball fields that have been pre-lined. This means that the turf your purchase MAY have lines and team logos.

Turf May Not Be Consecutive Rolls

Only complete field purchases will have consecutive lines & numbers. Learn more about Full Used Turf Field Packages.

All Sales Are Final

All used turf is sold as-is and all sales are final. For this reason we want to be as upfront as possible with our customers about the appearance and condition of our used turf. Please feel free to contact us for a used turf sample.

Your Used Turf Has Just Arrived. Now What?


First it is important to know that used turf is very heavy. Each roll typically ways 2,500 pounds, and your delivery driver will not be able to help unload, so please be sure you have the proper equipment to unload. (We recommend a forklift.)

Forklift Cuts

Your used turf may have cuts from the field removal process, or from the loading or unloading process. Most clean cuts like this can be repaired with seaming tape purchased from your local hardware or carpet store. Sometimes a turf glue is necessary.

Used Turf Installation Tips

Because of the weight of the used turf, we almost always recommend hiring a local professional carpet or artificial lawn installer for projects with multiple rolls. If you do need to tackle this job yourself, we recommend you rent a steer skid. If you’re installing netting at your facility in addition to the turf, it is best to first install the netting, if possible. The heavy equipment used to install nets at large facilities can damage the turf.

Here are a few guidelines for used turf installation.

  • Offload the turf.
  • Position each roll of turf in the space it is going to be installed.
  • Unroll the turf.
  • Trim the turf. We recommend slicing an inch or so off of each edge to give yourself a nice straight seam.
  • Use double-sided seaming tape or glue to seam the edges.
  • Spot-check the turf and repair any cuts with seaming tape or glue.

It’s Easier to Buy Used Turf Than Ever Before

Practice Sports was already the easiest place to buy used turf on the internet.

Now it’s even easier because we are offering single rolls of used turf.

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