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3 Benefits of using Artificial Grass at Schools

3 Advantages to Using Artificial  Grass for Schools

1) Cost Savings

Artificial grass for schools may appear to be expensive up front, but will save your facility money over the long run. The average “break even” timeframe is 7 years. This is the timeline in which your initial investment in artificial turf will equal the costs you would have spent on maintaining the same area, due to some or all of the following:

  • Natural Grass maintenance — lawn-care service / fertilizers / herbicides
  • Water costs — sprinkler system and / or cost of water to keep grass green
  • Alternative surface, such as mulch — annual expense

2) Safety

The biggest advantage to artificial grass is the safety factor. If used directly under playsets, turf can greatly improve “fall ratings” by creating softer surface and better shock absorption.

The turf itself offers an approximate fall rating of 4-5 ft depending on type of turf used. This is usually an improvement over mulch, because mulch is rarely stays at the installed depth. This is due to “mulch travel” – especially in the high wear areas, exactly where the shock absorption is needed.

When combined with a 1″ and / or 2″ foam pad underneath the artificial grass surface, certified fall heights of up to 11′ can be achieved. This is far superior to a plain black rubber surface. Rubber surfaces also get much warmer and do not look as appealing.

Eliminating mulch also means no more splinters, or pokes to little feet, arms or hands. Artificial grass also reduces the potential of dust blowing into eyes.

3) Artificial Grass in School Lower Maintenance

Once artificial grass is installed, there is very minimal maintenance required. The only upkeep is the occasional “brooming” – by using a standard push broom to fluff up the turf again in the high wear areas after several months – but only if desired. In-fill is only required to be re-applied every 5-7 years, depending on traffic. Turf will get warm in the summer, so an occasional hose down will also help keep the temperature lower during those hot streaks.

When compared to alternative surfaces like mulch, there is no comparison in the mainteanance category. Mulch requires constant raking and grooming, not to mention the clean-up around the play area – as mulch seems to end up everywhere but where you need it! In the parking lot, in the hallways of your school, in the pockets of little kiddos and scattered throughout the school. Every teacher can identify with the constant battle with MULCH.


Artificial grass can save a school time, money and trips to the nurse’s office – in addition to improving the overall aesthetics, and giving yourself a marketing edge over the competition in your pictures by promoting a SAFER & GREENER play area.

SYNLawn360 installs artificial grass for schools, daycares & playgrounds throughout Nebraska & Iowa areas.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

Thanks for reading!

Chad, Cory & Tony – Team SYNLawn360

1 comment
  1. Starli Brighton
    Starli Brighton
    December 7, 2022 at 10:30 pm

    How great to know that artificial grass helps with safety by adding shock absorption for falls. I am building a playground in our backyard for my kids this year. I will find a reputable place for playground mulch close by.

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